Excess Sludge in Booth Sumps/Pits during Clean-Out

Sludge build-up in booth sumps, holding tanks, and pits can go unnoticed until it’s time for a cleanout – or the system starts to experience ramping up of suspended solids; and proliferation of bad odors from anaerobic bacteria that get stirred up during Monday morning start-ups.  The key to resolving this buildup is running the process so that the detackification “detack” chemistry and paint sludge removal equipment are working in sync.  If either one gets out of whack, sludge will build up in the system.  Ultimately the plant will need to shut down the system, clean out the sludge and haul it off for disposal.  This costs money and adds to the overall cost to run the paint system.  Of course, over extended periods of time all systems will require sump/pit clean-outs.