What is Green?

The claim that a product is “green” or “environmentally friendly” can be evaluated in several ways. One way is to determine if the product contains “Bio Renewable Content” or BRC. BRC is an ingredient that occurs naturally in the environment or can be produced from a naturally occurring and renewable resource.

The GCC-836 detackifier contains approximately 40% active ingredients and about 50% of these ingredients are BRC. The BRC is produced from plants. The non-BRC portion is derived from naturally occurring earth minerals.

Other ways to make your process green:

Water conservation

We focus on removing as much of the contaminants from the booth water as possible. This allows the water to be used longer with minimum impact on waste treatment. In numerous facilities we have successfully used alternate sources for make-up water in the paint booth systems such as condensate water, phosphate rinse, humidifier blow down and wastewater effluent. We focus on reduce, reuse and recycle.


Maximum Achievable Control Technologies. Galaxy helps the customer by monitoring static pressures, booth water flow, booth water distribution, pump amps and pressures.

Waste minimization

Our chemistry development includes the amount of chemical sludge generated as well as the ability of the paint chemistry to dewater the paint sludge. Better dewatering means a lower amount of pounds of paint sludge for disposal. Galaxy stays up to date on the latest development of equipment and processes that can help our customers reduce waste products, including recycling and reducing. We work with the best equipment companies to design and implement these new innovative processes.

Equipment and process inspections

In addition to controlling the chemical process Galaxy provides inspections of the equipment to verify that the paint booth process is performing at maximum efficiency through booth inspections of the scrubbers, eliminators, stacks and fans.