Paint Detackification

Painting vehicles and components in the automotive industry requires paint booth systems that will run trouble-free and at the same time produce a high quality paint finish.  Although it may be viewed as behind the scenes, the paint detackification “detack” program must perform at the highest level to ensure the paint booth system is not limited by the chemistry used.

There are a myriad of paint booth and sludge handling system designs – each with its own unique set of characteristics that makes using off-the-shelf programs highly risky. Coupled with a tremendous amount of experience in the automotive industry, Galaxy has a complete range of detackification “detack” products that are custom designed for each unique paint booth system.  Using state-of-the art programs that are matched to the sludge handling equipment, the result is a process that continues to run as clean as possible while generating a sludge that will have the highest possible solids content and lowest disposal cost.

Paint Booth Maintenance