CS 7 – Reduced Air House Filter Changes


  • An automaker was experiencing filter failure in the recycle air house and deposition in the RTO


  • One of Galaxy’s customers was experiencing higher failure and plugging of the primary, secondary and tertiary filters in the clear coat recycle air house
  • Inspections done by plant personnel showed a little water on the air house floor but clean air coming into the air house


  • Galaxy verified the day and time of the inspections
  • Galaxy monitored the weekend cleaning and start-up protocol
  • Galaxy determined that the start-up and chemical treatment protocols were causing the plant to start-up under an upset condition.
  • This caused initial foaming and high velocity air to coat the filters
  • Once the plant had run for a few hours, the foaming went away and everything looked normal


  • Once the new protocol was installed, filter life was extended and filter failure stopped
  • An estimated $138,000 in filter costs were realized on an annual basis

CS 7 – Reduced Air House Filter Changes