CS 2 – Paint Sludge as Alternative Fuel


  • An automotive assembly plant was being gutted and retooled to build sub-compact cars using a three coat wet-on-wet coating system
  • The plant’s objective was to be “green” and for the sludge system to be landfill-free


  • The paint sludge system was redesigned to utilize 10% of the old system’s capacity to dramatically reduce water usage
  • New sludge consolidation and drying equipment was installed
  • 40 yard roll-off boxes with additional dewatering capabilities were utilized


  • Paint samples were screened and evaluated in the Galaxy lab for kill, floatation, water clarity and dewatering ability
  • GCC 870, a high-performing liquid paint detackifier, was chosen based on testing and the system mechanics
  • The sludge system and the dewatering and drying equipment were optimized to create dry sludge


  • Paint sludge solids are consistently over 50% and contain greater than 5,500 BTU per pound
  • Sludge is being sent to a local coal fired generating station where it is burned as “alternative fuel”
  • Titanium dioxide in the paint helps reduce mercury emissions from the generating station

CS 2 – Paint Sludge as Alternative Fuel