CS 14 – Water Savings


  • An OEM plant was concerned with increasing conductivity in the booth water system and that water usage may be increasing. “We never had to blow down water with the other chemical company!”


  • Galaxy converted an OEM plant paint sludge treatment system.  After six months of operations, the conductivity had increased to the level where water needed to be sent to the waste treatment plant.  This plant was using an RO system to recycle waste water back to the plant.
  • Some paint shop personnel were concerned because they never had to blow down the sludge system with the other company


  • Investigations began and it was determined the other company had maintained conductivity between 1,000 and 2,000 for years, apparently with no blow down
  • This facility has a system where the booth water is pumped to and from the booth
  • Further investigation of the process by Galaxy determined that the previous company had multiple events where the under booth had plugged with live paint and flooded the basement.  This water then ran into the drain and to the waste water treatment plant.


  • Waste water operations records showed that the amount of water treated after Galaxy came on board had actually decreased compared to the previous company
  • In conclusion, the other company was blowing down water, but in an uncontrolled manner

CS 14 – Water Savings