CS 13 – Maintenance Savings after Galaxy Conversion


  • An OEM fascia plant converted to Galaxy Chemicals for treatment of the paint sludge system
  • The plant was concerned with a white powdery substance that began to appear on the roof


  • Galaxy converted an OEM fascia plant paint sludge treatment program
  • After six months, operations was completely happy with the better performance of the system, but were concerned that white specks began to show up on the roof


  • Galaxy began an investigation and test panels were placed on the roof
  • After one month, the panels were collected and analyzed


  • The white spots were coming from water drops that were coming out of the stack and evaporating, leaving hardness minerals behind
  • The plant had never seen this before as they were used to blowing paint out the stack and now they had clean water mist coming out
  • Prior to Galaxy’s involvement, maintenance was changing the bearings on the exhaust fans every three months
  • They stated that they had not changed a bearing since Galaxy started treatment
  • The plant was out sourced three years later without having to change bearings

CS 13 – Maintenance Savings after Galaxy Conversion