CS 11 – Odor Issue Resolved


  • An OEM facility was experiencing an objectionable, mysterious odor during start-up


  • Galaxy was furnishing a Chemical manager with paint sludge treatment chemicals
  • The booth maintenance personnel were experiencing a foul odor during booth start-up on Sundays. The odor would go away and not return until the next start-up
  • The chemical manager was keeping the bug count below 10,000 cfu


  • Galaxy audited the system and found the facility had an unusual design where the central pit had booth supply and return pumps. Typically booth water returns by gravity to a central pit
  • Galaxy discovered that the plant had siphon breaks that allowed 10,000 to 15,000 gallons of water to stay in the piping. After setting a while, the water would lose air and anaerobic bacteria would only grow in the isolated water in the piping
  • When booth maintenance started up the system, the septic water would come into the booth. The booth had an air recycle house that would strip the smell from the water and return it to the booth
  • Since the odor was stripped in the booth and only the water in the isolated piping was septic, the operators could not find the problem at the pit
  • Galaxy recommended feeding a bio-dispersant, GCC 045, with the biocide prior to the weekend shut-down


  • Odor complaints were eliminated

CS 11 – Odor Issue Resolved