Galaxy Introduces Five New Products for Booth Maintenance and Cleaning

Galaxy has introduced five new products to expand their line of products in Booth Maintenance and Cleaning:

GCC 068 – A clear, thick, water resistant barrier coating used on areas that need to be protected from paint overspray such as baffles, robots and other paint booth surfaces.  Traps airborne particles.  Can be rolled or brushed.  Easily removed.GCC 068 PDS

GCC 069 – A white version of GCC 068.GCC 069 PDS

GCC 140 – A heavy duty alkaline cleaner that removes soils by spray and manual wiping. Cleans general soils, grease with minimal scrubbing.  Applied as-is with no mixing required.  Compatible with may paintable/washable surfaces.GCC 140 PDS

GCC 192 – A versatile cleaner with a mild citrus fragrance that removes a wide variety of soils including oil, grease, cutting fluids, grime and dust. Biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, and safe to use on all washable surfaces.  Contains no VOCs.GCC 192 PDS

GCC 095 –  A high temperature viscous oven tacky coating used to capture airborne dust, dirt and particulates. Used at ambient to 400F.  Can be used in any location where dust control is a problem. GCC 095 PDS

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