Galaxy Introduces “Green” Detackifier – GCC 836

Galaxy Chemical Corporation is proud to introduce a new paint detackifier with nearly 50% of the actives derived from renewable sources

What Makes a Product Green?

The claim that a product is “green” or “environmentally friendly” can be evaluated in several ways. One way is to determine if the product contains “Bio Renewable Content” or BRC. BRC is an ingredient that occurs naturally in the environment or can be produced from a naturally occurring and renewable resource.

The GCC 836 detackifier contains approximately 40% active ingredients and about 50% of these ingredients are BRC.  The BRC is produced from plants. The non-BRC portion is derived from naturally occurring earth minerals.

Other methods of determining how “green” a product is can include a comprehensive, cradle-to-grave analysis of the product’s environmental impact and any efficiency produced by the product’s application.

For the purpose of establishing a “Green” sludge system, the GCC-836 can offer:

  • 50% BRC in the detackifier actives
  • A highly concentrated formula that offers a much higher paint to detackifier ratio than any of our other products.  This means less chemical sludge, lower freight costs and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Reduced caustic and flocculent use
  • Fewer containers to pay for handling and disposal

To determine if our green product is right for your plant, we will be happy to evaluate our complete line of products to custom design the best program for you.

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